Substance Misuse


  This course gives an overview of the effects of drugs and/or alcohol misuse on users and society.

It is designed for professional who may be in contact with users and can help the spot the signs of misuse and give them the skills to have supportive conversations or for organisations who wish to give their staff an overview of substance misuse.

This course has been developed through the delivery of drug and alcohol intervention training to substance users.

Restorative Practices


Our one day course is designed to give an overview of Restorative Practices, giving attendees the knowledge and skills to apply restorative approaches in the informal setting.

Following the one day course, attendees can attend day 2 and 3 Restorative Practices Practitioner Course will give attendees the skills to become Restorative Practitioners in a variety of settings. 



It is proven that staff will perform better if they are happy and healthy.

This course will provide attendees with the skills to identify pressures and triggers of stress, explore stress and negativity, give attendees practical skills to deal with daily pressures and well as building resilience.

Mental Health Awareness


This course provides an overview of what mental health is, how to recognise the signs and symptoms in yourself and others, look at how daily life impacts your mental health, provides skills to manage challenging situations and where to seek further support.

Bespoke Training


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Consultancy Services


We offer consultancy services to help develop, implement and deliver projects in number of different settings.